21/11/11 - Holy mackeral, it's an update! Yeah, the first time in three (nearly four) years. Good grief! This whole site needs rebuilding.

For now, here's some pictures.

Doctor Who: The Silcence Doctor Who: The Silcence Dragon Age: Origins

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24/02/08 - And now for something completely different. Someone at my soon to be no longer existing boring office job caught wind of the fact that I like to draw things, and next thing you know, everyone and their monkey is after pictures. And so we have an anniversary gift, a birthday card cover and a trampolining donkey.

Rachel & Craig Mass Effect: Betrayal Donkey Abused.

Getting back in character, I also coloured a Terminator originally drawn by Mister Grant Gould.

Terminator: Bath time fun!

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10/01/08 - Stuff!

Mass Effect: Betrayal Slumbering Mountain Mass Effect: Saren

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16/09/07 - Oops! Another year appear to have gone past since my last update. By way of apology, please accept some Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, Doctor Who and World of Warcraft fanart, and a Snowgoblin just for good measure.

Snowgoblin Day Warhammer: Age of Reckoning Doctor Who World of Warcraft: New Neighbours

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08/08/06 - Good grief, Penfold! It's been a while since I've updated this thing. Blame massive amounts of work, and of course a significant addiction to World of Warcraft.

I've also been playing around with modeling a lot recently, when a friend asked me to make some accessorys for IMVU, a chat program with fully customisable 3D animated characters. So I decided to replace the now defunct store section of this website with the not so defunct 3D section. Within can be found this delightful chap, amongst others:

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14/01/05 - Reaperman, my character in City of Heroes, was printed in issue 7 (December) of their monthly comic. :)


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